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NYT Bestselling Author Sets Latest Novel in Burien
That’s New York Times best-selling Author Robert Dugoni above on the left, along with Burien businessman Dan House, right. Dugoni has incorporated the Burien area into his latest novel, “Wrongful Death,” including this pivotal scene set in House’s The Tin Room...

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Tin Room is a Hangout with Heart
by Nancy Leson
Seattle Times, Friday May 5, 2005
To venture into the Tin Room is to inhabit a latter-day Norman Rockwell illustration where eclectic crowds of friendly neighbors gather to lift a glass and a fork. It's where a pair of handsome hounds are tied to a post out front, a couple of TVs are tuned to the game, and two Mac and Jacks into an evening you realize there's no place else you'd rather be.

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Seattle Metropolitan Magazine
Magnets may not be attracted to tin, but Burien inhabitants sure are. Tin Room is the hangout every neighborhood wishes it had: rich with history, gushing atmosphere, overflowing with regulars and spot-on at delivering the very eats and drinks we crave. Note the corrugated tin walls and sheet-metal roller above the long bar--markers of this skinny room's past life as Ernie & Phylis Eder's Hi-Line Tin Shop. (Eder's old benches inlaid with his tin templates serve as tables.) Maybe it's this deeply authentic sense of place, or the fact that the noshes are consistently better than they need to be (grilled marinated flank steak sandiwch with cilantro aioli, grilled double-smoked pork sausage with apple chutney and hot mustard, and grilled meatloaf with mushroom bourbon gravy). Perhaps it's the enchanting fact that they insist upon making all their cocktails with fresh-squeezed juices and nary a mix in sight. Whatever the reason, Burien oldsters, families and after-work cocktailers have embraced the Tin Room as their "third place" of choice.
Best Restaurants, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine 07

Best Burger in Burien, Highline Times

Zagat Rated 2008

Mon - Thu:
11 am to 12 midnight
Last call 11:30

Fri - Sat:
11 am to 1 am
Last call 12:30

Sun 10 am to 10 pm
Best Restaurants, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine '07

Best Burger in Burien, Highline Times

Zagat Rated '08
History of the Tin Room Shop and Bar